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Finch Excavating is a family owned and operated business with sole intention to revolutionize the way excavation services are brought into the marketplace. One of our core beliefs is that each project has it's own story and it's own purpose meaning it must be handled as if this were our own personal projects we are completing. We understand that our customers are choosing us to not only get the job done right but also aid them in achieving a desired outcome. We understand that not everyone is well versed in the typical terminology and the entirety of the process when it comes to getting their project completed which is why we value communication to the highest degree. Customers should feel as though they are in full control of their project and are aware of every step we take in our process to ensure we surpass their expectations.

Over the course of the years we have not only seen consistent growth throughout our organization but have noticed that time and time again most large scale companies are strictly focused on the bottom line in a sense how big they can make their margins. Here at Finch excavating our focal points are the customer experience from start to finish as well as the quality of work we conduct, not just getting the job done right but going the extra mile for our customers delivering results that exceed the expectations of each and every individual we do business with. We truly believe when you take the extra steps in every aspect of the transaction Finch Excavating will be known for much more than just another excavation team completing your project.

Vision, Purpose & Values

What We Stand For


Our long term vision for Finch Excavating is not just to simply become the #1 trusted excavation company in the state of Minnesota but to continuously maintain the family oriented atmosphere throughout the entirety of our growth. We don't want to become one of those organizations that grows so big that the initial home town feeling goes away where we are just people at a company chasing dollars. This organization was created to sustain countless generations of our family to continue to bring a world class experience in the excavation space for our customers for multiple decades to come.


Simply put we identified a gap in the marketplace when it came to delivering high quality services combined with an exceptional customer experience. It is few & far in

between that truly maintain a family oriented atmosphere on top of a customer satisfaction centered operation especially here in Minnesota. We wanted to take that next step in becoming the #1 trusted service provider in the state & have the opportunity to pass down something through countless generations of Finch's that not only enjoy the work but truly love the value that we provide to customers throughout MN.

Our Core Values

Family First

Being that Finch Excavating is 100% family owned we value the time with our loved ones and creating a family friendly environment not just for our team but our clients as well. We want to give our customers not just a world class experience from that intial conversation to post project completion but really offer our customers the opportunity to get to know who exactly they are dealing with. We aren't your typical hide behind the camera organization we value being personable and transparent.

Quality Service

We believe it's not enough to just complete the project. In order to grow the way we see fit it's our responsibility to go that extra mile to convey an all class exerience from the products we use to the service we provide even the customer experience in itself.

Morality & Honor

We look at our work through a lense of "how would I treat this customer if this was my 80 year old grandmother?" Now you may chuckle a bit at this saying but in all reality you would never treat your family poorly and you would proceed with the upmost care and caution ensuring that family memeber is taken care of with respsect as well as integrity when it comes to how we conduct our business. Which is exactly how we treat each and every customer with their project.

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When you get to our Facebook page you will see our portfolio of recent projects, customer testimonials, latest milestones throughout the company as well as all the exciting new changes we implement throughout the years. We showcase our latest projects and latest updates throughout the entirely of our company. We value transparency and want you to join us in our journey to becoming the #1 trusted excavation service in the state of Minnesota!

Have Questions? Take A Look At Our 'Frequently Asked Questions'

What kind of equipment will be used for the excavation?

The type of equipment used for excavation will depend on several factors, including the size and scope of the project, the terrain, and the type of soil or material being excavated. The team at Finch Excavating will determine the appropriate equipment for the job, and it's essential to ensure that the equipment is well-maintained and operated by experienced and qualified personnel.

What is the timeline for the excavation work?

The timeline for excavation work will depend on several factors, including the size and scope of the project, the complexity of the terrain, the type of soil or material being excavated, and any unforeseen issues that may arise during the excavation process. Overall, the timeline for excavation work can vary greatly depending on the specifics of the project, and clients should work closely with the excavation team to ensure that their timeline expectations are met to the best of the company's ability.

How much will the excavation work cost?

The cost of excavation work can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size and scope of the project, the complexity of the terrain, the type of soil or material being excavated, the amount of preparation and restoration work required, and any permits or fees that may be necessary. Overall, the cost of excavation work can vary greatly, and clients should work closely with the excavation team to ensure that they understand the costs associated with the project and have a clear idea of what to expect regarding the final bill.

What permits are required for the excavation work?

The permits required for excavation work can vary depending on the location and the type of project. In general, excavation work may require permits from local, state, or federal government agencies. Finch Excavating is familiar with the permit requirements for the specific project and will work with the client to obtain all necessary permits before beginning the work. It's essential to ensure that all permits are obtained in a timely manner to avoid delays or penalties.

What safety measures will be taken during the excavation work?

Excavation work involves various hazards, including cave-ins, equipment accidents, and contact with underground utilities, among others. Therefore, safety measures are crucial during excavation work to protect workers and the surrounding community. Overall, safety measures are critical during excavation work, and clients can ensure that our team has a strong safety record and follows all safety protocols to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.

How will the excavation impact surrounding structures or landscapes?

The impact of excavation work on surrounding structures or landscapes can vary depending on the size and scope of the project and the condition of the surrounding area. However, excavation work can potentially cause damage to nearby structures, disrupt natural habitats, and affect the aesthetic appearance of the surrounding area. Overall, it's essential to work closely with the excavation company to understand the potential impact of the project on the surrounding area and to develop a plan to minimize that impact. By taking steps to minimize the impact of excavation work, clients can ensure that the project is completed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

What type of excavation work is necessary for my project?

The type of excavation work necessary for a project can vary depending on the specific requirements of the project. The specific type of excavation work necessary for your project will depend on the specific requirements of the project. You should work closely with the excavation company to develop a plan that meets your project requirements and ensures that the excavation work is completed safely and efficiently.

Will the excavation team handle the removal of any debris or waste?

The removal of debris or waste generated during excavation work can vary depending on the specific project and the agreement between the client and the excavation company. In some cases, the excavation company may include debris removal as part of their services, while in other cases, the client may be responsible for the removal of any debris or waste.

How will the excavation site be restored once the work is completed?

Restoration of the excavation site after the completion of the work is an essential part of any excavation project. It's essential to work closely with the excavation company to understand their plan for restoring the site after the excavation work is completed. This will ensure that the site is restored to its original condition and that all necessary steps are taken to minimize the impact of the excavation work on the surrounding area.

What kind of experience and qualifications do the excavation team members have?

The experience and qualifications of excavation team members can vary depending on the specific company and project. When selecting an excavation company, it's essential to ask about the qualifications and experience of their team members to ensure that they have the skills and expertise necessary to complete the project safely and efficiently.

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